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Global Energy International


Global Energy International, LLC (GEI) has developed a hydrogen / oxygen fuel supplement device that offers a dramatic reduction in greenhouse gases and increased fuel efficiency in any internal combustion engine. Our product will prove to be an early mover in the alternative fuel market. An abundance of scientific data indicates that supplementing an internal combustion engine with these gases reduces harmful emissions, improves fuel efficiency, and extends engine life. As fuel prices continue to rise, global warming, and the environment continue to receive mass media attention, a stronghold on the market is within reach with our product.

GEI is currently a California limited liability corporation based in Orange County, CA owned by its principal founder and private investors. The company has exclusivity to license the ME product line from Mesa Energy LLC.

The company was founded in 2005 by Arnie Boyle.

For the past three years GEI has been very successful in obtaining desirable test results with the ME-1 hydrogen unit. Mesa Energy has applied for U.S Patent Application No. 11/571,785, and International. Patent Application Pub. WO.2007/133174 for the hydrogen generator ME-1,among other pending patents and trademarks. Management believes that the executive order from the California Air Resource Board (CARB) for the off-road application will be established in the second week of October of 2008. The ME-2 product line is being developed for the on-road applications and is well received at an early stage, as our business grows we will take on personnel to accomplish desired sales, and to facilitate the production.

Prospective consumers are very interested in cutting into the bottom line of fuel cost, and of course meeting the regulations set forth by the EPA, and the KYOTO Protocol Act. There is a necessity for our product within our shipping ports, agriculture farmlands, and the semi-tractor trailer companies delivering over 70 percent of the national freight tonnage. The market segments are clearly defined and all are subject to a high growth trend.

GEI has a management team with direct knowledge of the overall industry, extensive research experience, and unique administrative skills. The company’s management team consists of people with broad backgrounds in manufacturing, finance, and sales. The staff consists of Mr. Arnie Boyle, CEO, Mr. Tad Lee, Executive V.P of Operations, Mrs. Jennifer Loughery V.P Finance, and Mr. Sergio Ortiz Director of Sales and Marketing.

Global Energy International, LLC is currently seeking funding to complete the testing, verification and licensing process of the on-road applications. Mass product development, management salaries, and expansion to a larger facility, are among the majority of start up costs. GEI’s strategy could be to negotiate a percentage for the illiquid assets within three years, or have them stay on for a longer term with equity control and share in liquid profits. When the company converts to a corporation, the company’s balance sheets will reflect all prior membership interest to common stock.


This is from our business plan. It does not imply an offering of securities.