Sample Showcase Page

Following is a description of the components of a Showcase Page. The Showcase Page requires 2 components. 1. the Video Feature and 2. The Company Profile with Contact Information.

In order to create your Showcase Page you will have to provide us with this information. In fact it's quite simple. We need the link to your YouTube video, and we need your company profile, often easily drawn from your website. Following is information about each feature.

For an expanded description of our Showcase Page format read through our Showcase Page Guidelines.


Feature Video



At the top of each Showcase Page is the Feature Video. This is a required feature and very easy to provide to CleanTekTV.




How to find your YouTube link

Find your video on YouTube and click on the "Share" tab. A box will open up with the link to your video. Copy this and send it to us (or copy it into the "Affiliate Information Form" which is part of STEP 1 in signing up.









Notice the blue box with the url to the left. Copy this and email it to us.



CleanTekTV Channels

Almost every CleanTekTV webpage includes the Channel Selector to make it easy to move about CleanTekTV. This is standard and will not require you to do anything.



Company Profile & Contact Information

Below the Channel Selector is your Company Profile. We rely on you to provide us with the content, images, logo and contact information.

Profile Content: We will ask you to send us your Company Profile content. This will be in the form of a simple ".doc" file attached as an email and sent to us at:

Images: Your profile can include images, but does not require them. We will ask you to send quality images to us at the email address above.

Contact Information: You will send us whatever contact information you will find useful. This can include

  • address
  • website
  • email(s)
  • office locations with phone number(s)
  • names and titles.

Again, we will have you send us this information in a ".doc" file. This can be sent as part of your profile information to the email above.

Finalizing: With this we will create your Showcase Page for your approval. Once approved, it will be posted on the appropriate channel, added to our searchable data base. and a special link will be sent to you to make it easy for people to find your Showcase Page on CleanTekTV.

You will receive a confirmation email with all relevant information spelling out the 6 months of free service. Following that first six months, you can continue at the rate then available, or discontinue with no questions asked. You may also ask that we unpublish your Showcase Page at anytime. We will try to accomodate occasional changes to your Showcase Page to keep it current.

If you have any question feel free to email us at: