CleanTekTV Affiliate Showcase Page Guidelines
Getting Started You need a video Making your Own Video Addendum: file formats supported by YouTube

Use these guidelines to help you compile what you’ll need for your Showcase Page.

Note: In almost every case, please provide all text exactly as you want it to be read .

Example. If you want your address to say “Street”, write it out that way. If you want street to be abbreviated as “ St.”, write it out that way. The same is true for states. Specify “ San Francisco, California” or “ San Francisco, CA.” This applies generally to all content.)

When asked, email your profile info, company contact information, images, etc. to:

Be sure to include who you are, company, etc. and any descriptors for each image.

So let's get started. Generally you will need to provide the following: back to top

Company information: This is primarily the way for people to contact you, and how we will contact each other. (Fill our Company information sheet which will cover these details.)

  • Keep this consistent with your branding and copyright needs.
  • Spell out exactly how you want your company, business or invention to be titled
  • Contact Information
  • For public
  • For billing, emails, etc. if different


General concepts

  • It is best to start with a basic summary. People who come to CleanTekTV are interested in useful content that delivers information that helps them decide if they want to invest, connect, buy from you. Therefore try to gear your info to interested intelligent people (investors, engineers, architects, decision-makers, cleantech advocates, etc.)
  • Provide them with useful, honest and reliable specs (dimensions, weight, important materials, patents, voltage, energy production, etc., in terms that are meaningful to them.
  • There is no real limit on length; however, 1-3 pages will be best.
  • Use numbers and figures as you see fit. If you are in production and have products to sell, no matter how large or expensive, add those details if it is useful.
  • If you are a start-up or inventor, it is not acceptable to provide specific investment requests, e.g., seeking $100,000 start-up capital. That can be provided between you and the investor in private discussions.
  • All information on the website must be considered public.


You do not have to have images, but they are very effective in helping to tell the story and we encourage you to provide images.

  • Format: jpeg (jpg), gif, png,
  • Size: they should be a minimum of 100 pixels x 100 pixels.
  • All images must be a minimum of 72 pixels per inch. This must be the case no matter what the size. If you send an image 150 pixel by 150 pixels at 72 pixels per inch and expect it to be blown up to 300 by 300, the result will actually be half as detailed, essentially 36 pixels. So create images that when full size are a minimum of 72 pixels per inch.
  • We will review your images and may crop, add drop shadows, or enhance to maximize their appeal. Be sure you are sending attachments as files.

Video back to top

In most cases, getting to meet the principals is very useful. CleanTekTV promotes the idea that Company Showcase pages are the next best thing to a face-to-face, so we encourage you to include your principals in the video.

You will fit into 1 of 4 categories: click on a link below that best describes you.

  • We have a video and it’s posted on YouTube . Great. We will need you to send us the “Sharing” link to the video on YouTube. We will take care of the rest.
  • We have a video and it’s NOT posted on YouTube. Post to YouTube. If you do not have an account, we can help you post to CleanTekTV Affiliates channel. We are happy to assist if you need help. It’s best to ask someone’s grandson. They will know how.
  • We have videos but need editing and posting to YouTube: Here is what we recommend. Most people agree now that 2-3 minutes is the most desirable length. If your content is good and moves along well, it can go to 7 minutes. 10 minutes will be pushing the viewer. If you feel you need this much time, edit like a newspaper article with your most important info (the who, what, where, when and how, and now how much) presented first. For those who wish more detail, let them know that they can watch it later in the video. Your video can be up to 15 minutes. That is up to you and reflects your style.

    We offer editing services . We will take up to 30 minutes of video and create your finished piece, post to YouTube and on your Showcase Page. Price is generally $750. This price is negotiable upon discussion.

  • We don’t have anything. Help . We encourage you to create your video. Books have been written on the subject of producing quality video. So we cannot cover it here. But here are a few guidelines.

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If you choose to create your video or have it created for you, here some important ideas.

  • Have someone who has experience do it or help you.
  • Use either standard definition or hi-def cameras (mini-dv tape, flash drives, SD cards are the most common recording media).
  • Lighting and sound: Be sure to provide adequate lighting so people can see you, your products, etc.
  • If at all possible use a camera that permits a remote wired or wireless microphone to be plugged into your camera.
  • Plan ahead. For this short length, it is good to create a script that is read, or with the ideas that you want to use.
  • Use a tripod. Inexpensive tripods are readily available and generally provide a more desirable shoot. Hand-held can be used for certain detail shots, etc.
  • Move your camera smoothly and slowly (watch how it’s done all the time on TV or movies.
  • When filming a talking head, generally have your subject fill most of the screen with face / face and shoulders / face, shoulders and upper torso.
  • Titling. Keep your titling simple, not red italic with purple outlines and shadows. A simple Arial, Century Gothic or Helvetica goes a long way. Generally use the same font throughout.
  • Provide contact info at the end of the film, particularly website, email, phone as needed.
  • Credits are not necessary (you never see such in TV ads). However, you may be able to negotiate a better deal with a producer if you include it briefly at the very end.
  • Music beds: can be very effective in adding energy and impact. Unless used between clips, keep them at a minimum to play behind the video so as not to compete with it.

CleanTekTV will be conducting regular live or pre-recorded webinars to help with video production.

We also provide a full-service production package for $2,500 plus expenses (travel and lodging if necessary). This would include pre-production planning, scripting, video and audio recoding at 1 or 2 sites, editing with titling and music beds as needed, posting to YouTube and a DVD. Contact us to discuss any details.

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For further information contact:

Sidney Wildesmith


Be sure to indicate which company you are with. Thanks.

Phone: 760-436-8776


Addendum back to top

From YouTube / Here's a list of some well-known formats that YouTube supports:

  • WebM files   - Vp8 video codec and Vorbis Audio codecs
  • .MPEG4 ,   3GPP   and   MOV files   - Typically supporting h264, mpeg4 video codecs, and AAC audio codec
  • .AVI   - Many cameras output this format - typically the video codec is MJPEG and audio is PCM
  • .MPEGPS   - Typically supporting MPEG2 video codec and MP2 audio
  • .WMV
  • .FLV   - Adobe-FLV1 video codec, MP3 audio

For information about production and posting to YouTube, visit the site. There is a significant array of useful information. Also visit YouTube and search for specific topics to help you with video techniques, audio, editing etc.

Format: From YouTube

How to upload widescreen videos

  • Originals, Please!   - The less a video is re-encoded prior to uploading, the better the resulting YouTube video quality. We encourage you to upload your videos as close to the original source format as possible, with a minimum of intermediate re-encoding steps. Each re-encoding can generally degrade the quality of your video and may create some specific problems which we'll address below.
  • Frame Rate   - The video frame-rate should be the same as the original where possible. For film sources, a 24 fps or 25 fps progressive master yields the best results, while videos that have had a re-sampling transfer process applied — i.e. a Telecine pulldown — often result in a lower quality video.
  • Resolution   - High-definition videos are the preferred format for ingestion which result in YouTube videos of the highest quality currently available. It also means your video can be upgraded as new formats are developed on the site.
  • Testing   - Since there is no facility to re-upload videos, it's important to test that your audio and video quality are satisfactory before you release your video publicly onto YouTube.

Once a video becomes popular, the number of views, user ratings, user comments and other community data, cannot be transferred if another, higher quality version of the same video is uploaded. Make sure you get it right!

  • Aspect Ratio  - The aspect ratio of the original source video should always be maintained when it's uploaded:   Uploaded videos should never include letterboxing or pillarboxing bars.

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